Have you ever wondered why you need a website?

Sometimes you probably ask yourself, why do you need a website, and is it really worth paying the money to have one? We are going to give you some very simple reasons as to why a website is a must. Simplicity reveals a lot!

(1) A larger target audience

There are over 2 billion people using the internet everyday. That’s right. Although they are all on the internet for different reasons, its quite obvious that your outreach is far greater by being on the internet.

(2) Support for your business outside of working hours

Even when its outside your normal working hours, information about your business can still be accessible by those that need it. Its your 24/7 hotline!

(3) A showcase for your work

Showing off your impressive work can win you customers who don’t really have the time to do window shopping. You can convince them there and then to start an inquiry process.

(4) People use the internet for everything

You better believe it. Even as much as getting contact information for a business, most people just do a quick google search these days. If you are not online, you are potentially losing out on customers who will eventually find themselves with one of your competitor that’s online.


Steps to getting a website up and running

  1. Owning a domain name i.e www.mybusiness.com. There are quite a few providers out there such as Siteground that offers domain name registration for a small yearly fee.
  2. Purchasing a web hosting plan. This is your online server that will host your website files. Without this, your website content will not be found. Providers such as Siteground offer different type of hosting plans, depending on your need. We also recommend Siteground because they have blazing fast speeds and arguably the best customer service there is.
  3. Hiring a website designer or web developer. Most designers worth their salt would be able to get you up and running with a website with no hassle on your part.


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