Service Type Plugin


We developed this plugin which is used to power our service page. While we were developing the site, the template, as awesome as it is, didn't come with any built in plugin that would power a service section, at least not in the way we want it. While we could have bought a plugin, we thought [...]

Bequia Jeep Rentals

This was one of our simpler projects. It needed no extensive development behind the scenes, just to get the design and layout working hand in hand. Nevertheless, we gave it the best we had, and it turned out to be a very simple and clean layout. The feedback received has been positive, mainly being termed as [...]

West Indies Regional U19 Website

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This website was done for the West Indies Regional U19 2016 tournament. The tournament organizers wanted to be able to provide regular updates of the scores while the matches were active. We had to use a Content Management System to make all this easy and we choose Wordpress, the most popular CMS there is. Choosing [...]